The BonFeu BonSolo in beautifully rusted steel. This sturdy fireplace is equipped with a BBQ grid and has a beautifully carved logo on the front. In terms of popularity, this fireplace is now as popular as the larger variant. read more >

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The BonSolo is the successor of the BonFeu BonBini (Bonfeu (small) and is made of beautifully rusted steel. The BonSolo is now also equipped with a rotatable grill. In addition, the fireplace on the front side with a logo cut out. This gives a great effect when cooking.

But the most important adjustment is the size of the fireplace. From now on the BonSolo has a height of 124 cm (was 115 cm) and a diameter of 34 cm (was 29 cm). It is therefore considerably larger.

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