About BonFeu


In 1999, coincidence played a major role in the development of the first BonFeu patio fireplace. What once had to become a good fireplace for the private garden, first became a single product and later a complete assortment that now lies in dozens of shops at home and abroad.

The BonFeu brand stands for a recognisable design, a well thought-out design and high quality. We always make every effort to develop fireplaces that are pleasant to use and are also suitable for delicious outdoor cooking.

Why BonFeu


Unique dutch design

All Bonfeu fireplaces and accessories have their own design.

Many fireplaces with a grill function

Almost all BonFeu fireplaces have a grill function on which you can easily grill your food.

Equipped with a certified heat-resistant lacquer

All BonFeu fireplaces are equipped with a certified heat-resistant paint up to 700 degrees.

Recognizable, innovative and contemporary

The fireplaces of BonFeu are recognizable, innovative compared to other fireplaces and very modern.

Made of durable steel

The fireplaces of BonFeu are all made of durable steel. Better for the environment!

Two year warranty

All BonFeu products come with a 2 year warranty.

Buying a BonFeu product?

  • 1. Find a BonFeu product

    Check here on Bonfeu.nl which products we offer. Here you can find all information about the products.

  • 2. Product found?

    Go to 1 of our dealers. The dealers can be found here. Find your nearest dealer.

  • 3. Dealer Found?

    Find the product in the dealer’s webshop and add it to your shopping cart.

  • 4. Checkout

    Check the product in the shopping cart on the checkout page. Fill in your details and press the order button.

  • 5. Receive your order.

    The order has now been placed. You will receive your beautiful BonFeu product within the number of days that is on the webshop of the dealer. Have fun with your BonFeu product.

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